Hamilton Montana located in the middle of the Bitterroot Valley

Located in the middle of the Bitterroot Valley
is the county seat of Ravalli. Hamilton is home
to over 4,400 people and the immediate area
around the town has somewhere over 12,000
people. Downtown Hamilton has several
historic buildings with unique shops and
restaurants. Newly redone streetscape, trees,
and street lamps invite one to enjoy the unique
downtown shops. Highway 93, which passes
through town, also boasts unique shops,
grocery stores, and gas stations.

Hamiltong Motana view of West Main Street
Looking west on Main Street is a beautiful view
of the Bitterroot Mountains.

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Annual Events in Hamilton Montana

Each July, Hamilton comes alive as the entire town celebrates ‘Daly Days’ in honor of the city founder, Marcus Daly. This event includes arts, crafts, and food vendors on the streets. The local businesses hold their annual sidewalk sales, games for the kids, and just a block away in the park, the Chamber of Commerce, holds its annual Micro-Brew Festival; all this makes for a weekend of events, sharing, reminiscing with old friends, and meeting new friends. Daly Days has a good ‘old fashioned’ street dance in the middle of town providing seniors and youngsters an opportunity to dance the night away together in a family atmosphere. The town of Hamilton hosts a variety of fun events throughout the year including Apple Day, Bitter Root Day, MicowBrew Festival, a variety of art functions and the Ravalli County Fair. These are just a few of the exciting activities planned throughout the year.

Daly Mansion Hamilton Montana
Daly Mansion, summer home of
Marcus Daly (pictured below)

Marcus Daly, Hamlton Montana
History of Hamilton Montana
Hamilton was not a pioneer village in the days
it was founded. Instead, it was a planned town
of wide streets and avenues, a complete economic center for an area of farms and stock ranches.
The History of Hamilton began when Marcus
Daly, a great finance figure of the 1880 era in
Butte and Anaconda mining development,
made his way into the Bitterroot Valley seeking interests other than mining. About 1887,
Mr. Daly bought up small sawmills west of the present site of Hamilton and almost overnight
had established a lumber making industry on the bank of the Bitter Root River. Marcus Daly’s
next move was to bring two men from another
state to plan and develop his dream town.
They were James Hamilton and Robert
O’Hara who came from Minnesota in 1890.
Mr. Daly named Hamilton after James
Hamilton and the town was incorporated in
1894. Mr. O’Hara was named the first mayor.
Daly’s town had a bank, stores, a school, four
churches - a ready-made Hamilton!